Product Summary

The 10941P-50 Dot Matrix Display Controller is a three-chip MOS/LSI general purpose display controller system designed to interface to dot matrix displays (vacuum fluorescent or LED). The 10941P-50 set will drive displays with up to 46 anodes (dots) and up to 20 grids (characters) plus a cursor. The 10941P-50 can be cascaded to drive larger displays of up to 80 characters.


10941P-50 features: (1)20-character display driver cascadable to 80 characters; (2)Standard 5 ×12 character font; (3)Separate cursor driver output; (4)Two 128 ×23 PLAs provides segment decoding for full 96-character ASCII set, plus 32 special characters; (5)Serial or parallel data input for 8-bit display mode controls; (6)Brightness, refresh rate, and display mode controls; (7)28-pin DIP.


10941P-50 pin connection